About Us

It's all about aviation!


Our mission is to provide excellence of services to our partner clients in the sphere of aviation at both Macedonian Airports in Skopje and Ohrid and broader in the region of Western Balcans.

Our contacts and know-how means we can promtly react to our customer needs and special requests.

Company profile

AAM was established in 1992 as a company with mixed ownership – Adria Airways with 51% and domestic legal subject 49%.

In 2006 AAM was transform into privately own company with 100% domestic capital.
The total number of personnel is 11.
AAM also cooperates with many external parties which provide regional coverage.

Our core business locations are located at:

  • Head Office – the strict center in the city of Skopje
  • Airport Skopje – “Alexandar The Great” – R. Macedonia - Ground operation desk and Ticketing desk

We also have a network of partners cooperating with us at the following locations:

  • Airport Ohrid – “St. Paul”(OHD) – R. Macedonia
  • Airport Pristina (PRN) - Kosovo
  • Airport Tirana (TIA) - Albania
  • Airport Podgorica (TGD) - Montenegro
  • Airport Tivat (TIV) - Montenegro
  • Airport Belgrade (BEG) - Serbia
  • Airport Nis (INI) - Serbia