AAM provides ground services on behalf of clint companies operating at Skopje and Ohrid airport in Republic of Macedonia as well as on behalf of many clients operating in the region of Western Balkans.

AAM is the leading local airport and aviation service provider in terms of quality, reliability and customer dedication. We are recognized to be a reliable and professional partner in airline industry.

Station management and Administration

Our long presence and excellence of our services on our markets has made us an experienced and knowledgeable partner for our clients, particularly in the sphere of Airport Station management and Administration

  • Flight Operations Assistance
  • Irregularity Operations Support
  • Liaising with various port authorities
  • Load Control
  • Station Control
  • Station Representation and Supervision
  • Weather Briefing

Passenger services

Our airport stuff offers outstanding supervisory service to all our client partners passengers and has a reputation of being completly dedicated to their needs. Our Ticket Sales Desk is strategically positioned on newly build airport in Skopje.

  • Airport Ticketing Sales Desk
  • Arrival and Transfer Services
  • Check-in Services
  • Dedicated Passenger Services
  • Gate Services
  • Lost and Found Services
  • Special Passenger and VIP Services

Aircraft services & Ramp handling

AAM has an airport team of experts in supervision of Aircraft services & Ramp handling

  • Aircraft Loading/Unloading
  • Baggage Sorting and Transportation
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • Crew Transport
  • De/Anti-Icing
  • Lost and Found ServicesGPU, Push-Back/li>
  • Unit Load Device Control
  • Toilet and Water Services

Fuel arrangements

Thanks to years of nurturing close relations with local fuel suppliers, we can guarantee you competitively priced fuel. We maintain contracts with fuel suppliers witch enable us access to negotiated fuel rates, ensuring the best possible prices for our clients. Our flexible payment policy, accepting all major fuel cards and other means of payments make us competitive in the market.